The Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) was formed in August 1983.

The T.A.G.B. is a member of Taekwondo International. Taekwondo International is a worldwide body with representation in every continent
of the globe. Taekwondo International was inaugurated in England on 13th November 1993.
On 21st April 1988 a new governing body for Taekwondo was formed, called the British Taekwondo Council (B.T.C.). This now incorporates 15 different organisations and has a membership of over 44,000. It is the only body recognised by the United Kingdom Sports Council. The T.A.G.B. is a founder member of the B.T.C. It is also the largest organisation in the B.T.C. Current membership is over 25,000.
The following are the members of the TAGB Management Council:
Chairman and South East Co-ordinator – Mr D Oliver
Vice Chairman and South West Co-ordinator – Mr M Dew
National Secretary and South Midlands Co-ordinator – Mr D Atkins
Treasurer and Central England North Co-ordinator – Mr R Sergiew
Liaison Officer and Central England South Co-ordinator – Mr P Donnelly
National Team Coach and Northern England Co-ordinator – Mr K Walton
Wales Co-ordinator – Mr B Towndrow
Other Area Co-ordinators
Northern Ireland – Mr K Farrell
Scotland – Mr J Love